Cops are the problem and people need anti-racism, not black support.

My essay addresses two issues — cops and why supporting blacks is not the best step to erase racism.

The problem in society is cops, not racism. Hordes of white people supporting blacks last year is actually somewhat fake and exaggerated. It’s not wrong to support BLM…but most do it because it’s a trend.

I don’t believe people, white or any color need to support blacks. We need to not be racist. Supporting black people isnt necessary. it’s just about not being racist. All the people supporting blacks in 2020 was really honestly unnecessary and over the top. Blacks don’t need support. People need to avoid racism to ANY color Secondly, it’s not about black people. It’s about treating races fairly without bias.

Firstly, let me address cops. Cops need to not hold weapons and overall shouldn’t be uneducated or act aggressively. They need to be educated people who act civil, not uneducated thugs and pigs who are there to cause trouble like they have been. They need to act correctly towards ALL people and emergency weapons and tasers should not be on all cops, just certain highly trained one’s for emergency matters. There is no reason we need a guy with a gun or taser dealing with people speeding and other such issues.

They need to be trained and educated. And act fairly. Then we have no issue. Uneducated swine dealing with crimes with weapons is a bad idea. And that’s what police have been. So education and civility fixes this and fairness is needed.

As for people, they don’t owe the blacks their support. No race can demand support for themselves. But we can give ALL races fair treatment. So it’s not anyone’s responsibility to say they like black people or anything. But we should certainly be fair to all races and it’s not important as an opinion to go gung ho about any black support to any degree at all.

But as for cops, they need to be shut down and reestablished as an educated and civil set of professionals. Not uneducated, immoral dirtbags. As for people, well, the government can establish a new law enforcement agency that works fairly and better with education. Because realistically, if you carry a firearm and deal with crime, you’d better be fair, moral, and educated and not a stupid and immoral cop that hardly acts like a moral person but rather an uneducated, stupid, piece of garbage like cops can at certain times nowadays.



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